2019 Danas Life Changed After Winning Gaming Competition

On December 12 2019 Danas life changed for the second time The first happened when she left home at 17 Becoming independent so soon seeking economic self sufficiency wakes you up she recalls Until the arrival of that first leap into the void this 23yearold Valencian had been a very bad student She wasnt dumb thats something my teachers and I knew I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder ADD something that by the way video games helped me correct.

But in class she would put me to sleep and that path was not for me Everything exploded when a serious family problem was added to this incompatibility It would be the spirit of survival but in two years I won five titles The intermediate degree of gardening and floristry with which I finished my basic studies but also design illustration and my journey as a tattoo artist gamer player of video games.

That day of the last prepandemic winter when everything changed again Dana was already a Hurona Rolera I lived far from the center of Valencia so I woke up at 6 in the morning to open the tattoo studio where I worked as an apprentice I spent the day there and when I got home at seven in the evening

I would start streaminguntil I fell asleep And the next day back to the wheel If I look at my Instagram account as a tattoo artist I can see that December 12 was the last time I tattooed I remember that I called a client and told her sorry but Ill give you back the deposit Ill pay you the difference if another colleague who knows more tattoos you but Ill leave it Six months earlier Dana had uploaded her first clip to TikTok around the same time she was doing her first live stream on Twitch I started to receive some income it seemed interesting and I decided to focus on it I never imagined what would happen next

At the time of writing this profile Hurona Rolera is followed by between 15 and 16 million people The country where he has the most followers is Mexico at a certain distance from others such as Argentina Peru or Spain The 13 million followers on TikTok stand out but also the million on Instagram or its production as a partner on Twitch If I really have to think where all this begins

I would tell you that in my concern for the theater I have never trained but I have done theater in the fallas in youth centers the monitors and the older people who saw me said that I had to dedicate myself to it Although he studied other disciplines curiously all of them with a high physical load it has been the digital environment that has led him to create a visual and body languagealmost his own choreographies lip sync games dubbing and a universe where his passion for fantasy literature and roleplaying games intersect

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