45 Scholarships To Study An Online Master’s Degree At The International University Of Valencia

VIU – International University of Valencia today launches the first edition of the “Somos Scholarships”, which will give 45 Spanish students and professionals the opportunity to take an online VIU master’s degree.

This new scholarship program of the International University of Valencia aims to empower those who want to fulfill their professional and vital goals, progress through training and generate social impact. For this reason, VIU will finance 100% of the teaching of the 45 online master’s degrees chosen by the winning candidates and will accompany the scholarship holders throughout their training experience.

In this sense, the International University of Valencia has a faculty of expert teachers who work and know , in depth, the sector reality and the challenges that professionals face today, among others, in the field of health, science and technology and education, responding to the training needs of students, companies and institutions.

The Rector of the International University of Valencia, Dr. Eva MarĂ­a Giner Larza, has expressed her satisfaction with the launch of this new program “Becas Somos”, which joins the “Becas Quiero”, other specific scholarship programs and the economic aid for professional groups, which are part of the Commitment Plan of the International University of Valencia.

“At the International University of Valencia we promote the progress of our students and motivate them to transform their social environments, through training. For this reason, we are especially happy to announce the launch of the “Becas Somos” program. Scholarships for those professionals who want us to help them grow, to achieve their goals, but also to be authentic social promoters with an impact, wherever they carry out their professional activity. These people are the ones that companies, institutions and society need today” says the Rector of the University Valencia International.

Becas Somos: more than 30 online master’s degrees to choose from
Those who present their candidacy will opt for a 100% teaching scholarship to attend one of the 30 postgraduate programs offered in the bases of the call.

In this way, the “Somos Scholarships” will distribute 15 scholarships for master’s degrees from the Faculty of Education Sciences, aimed at teachers who are passionate about teaching to learn. Through the VIU master’s degrees in education that they choose, they will acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to enhance their role as facilitators of learning and increase their positive impact on society as a whole.

Likewise, 15 scholarships will also be awarded for the master’s programs of the Faculty of Health Sciences, aimed at those professionals in the health sector with the determination to transform health. Through these postgraduate programs , the scholarship winners will acquire a holistic, human and collaborative approach, so that they are able to respond to the real needs of the current health sector and become drivers of Spanish health.

Lastly, 15 scholarships will also be awarded to those professionals who want to train in the latest technologies to continue growing and put their talent at the service of innovation, but with purpose . Through these programs, which have a high scientific base, they will acquire the skills to develop not only the technologies of today, but also those of tomorrow, innovating with a transcendent meaning and seeking to convert technological and theoretical advances into value and progress for all and all.

How to submit your application to the Somos Scholarship Program
Candidates will be able to present their candidacy to take one of the 30 online master’s degrees offered by VIU in the bases of the call, through the web.

The deadline for receiving applications begins on June 20 and ends on July 11. The presentation of the application will be made through the same website, and in their application the applicants must include both the academic record, their professional career and a motivational video, in which they must make known what drives them to present their application for these scholarships.

The winners will be announced during the second week of September 2022 , through the website or through the University’s social networks.

In the selection process of the beneficiary students, in addition to academic excellence, other criteria such as their professional career, their curriculum, their motivation, their will to progress and their focus on social impact will be valued.

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