Madrid Advances 3,000 Million Public Works And Nearly Duplicates Catalonia

The Community of Madrid consolidates its leadership as the region with the highest investment in public works in Spain. In 2021, the different Administrations signed contracts in the central autonomy for an amount of 3,004 million euros.

This figure represents more than double that in 2020, when it stood at 1,492 million . This increase, of 101.3%, is well above the national average, which stood at 66.7%, reaching a total volume of public awards of 12,806 million, according to the final data collected by the Association of Construction Companies and Infrastructure Concessionaires (Seopan) and to which ‘elEconomista’ has accessed.

The growth in 2021 was generalized in all the autonomous communities and by all the Administrations, after a 2020 in which the pandemic precipitated hiring to 7,684 million, 35.8% less than in 2019.

Of the total 12,806 million, the regional governments awarded 4,605 ​​million in 2021, 90.2% more than in 2020
Of the total 12,806 million, the regional governments awarded 4,605 ​​million in 2021, 90.2% more than in 2020, the State 4,447 million, 59.4% more, and the Local Administrations (city councils, councils and councils) 3,754 million , 51.9% more.

With the data from the last financial year, the Community of Madrid distances itself significantly from Catalonia, placing its contracting for public works at nearly double. In Catalonia, all the Administrations were awarded 1,703 million euros for infrastructure , an amount that represents 69.9% more than in 2020, also, therefore, above the national average.

The Community of Madrid thus manages to become the largest recipient of investments for infrastructures for the second consecutive year
The Community of Madrid thus manages to establish itself as the largest recipient of investment for infrastructure for the second consecutive year, after in 2020 it unseated Catalonia from precisely this condition. The quantitative leap experienced in 2021 in the Madrid region is mainly explained by the hiring carried out by the regional government.

Specifically, the Executive chaired by Isabel Díaz Ayuso allocated 1,354 million euros , a figure that multiplies by almost five timesthe 284 million of the previous year. The Madrid Local Administrations, for their part, signed projects for 970 million, 7.7% more, and the State, with the Ministries of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda and Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge as banners, 680 million, 121% more than the 307 million in 2020.

The Community of Madrid is, in fact, the one that obtained the most contracts through the General State Administration and is the fourth where it increased the most in percentage terms in 2021 compared to 2020, only behind Galicia (+317%) , Canary Islands (+191%) and La Rioja (+171%).

Catalonia, for its part, limited its growth in total contracted public works to 1,703 million euros, 69.9% more than the 1,002.5 million in 2020. In its case, the State contributed the largest amount, with 556 million, a 83.3% more. Meanwhile, the local entities sealed contracts for 679 million, 102.5% more, and the Generalitat limited the amount to 468 million, 28.6% more.

Castile-La Mancha and Cantabria
After the Community of Madrid and Catalonia, Andalusia stands for a year , with 1,653 million, a figure that implies an increase of 73.1% . The growth of the State stands out in this increase, with 516 million, double that of the previous year. They are followed by the Valencian Community (1,092 million, 45.4% more), Galicia (926 million, 151% more), the Basque Country (721 million, 10.2% more), Castilla y León (719 million, a 52% more), Canarias (590 million, 50.5% more), Aragón (440.6 million, 119.8% more) and, completing the Top 10, Extremadura (440.3 million, 151% more ).

Behind are the Balearic Islands (228 million euros, 11.7% more), Castilla-La Mancha (197.5 million, 17.8% less, being together with Cantabria the only one that lowered the amount) , Navarra ( 195 million, 85.6% more), Murcia (190 million, 95.1% more), Asturias (150 million, 6.7% more), Cantabria (66.5 million, 18.5% less ) and La Rioja (63 million, 306.5% more).

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